Pay As You Grow

Pay As You Grow supports businesses seeking to urgently replenish depleted sales pipeline, but who lack immediate access to the additional staff and the budgets necessary to swiftly build qualified pipeline.


Put simply, Transcend invests in our clients’ future success. We call it Risk-Reward. When we exceed the goals agreed with the client for a given project, both the client and Transcend reap the appropriate rewards. Should me miss the pre-agreed targets, the client still achieves growth, but without the vast majority of the costs budgeted for the overall project.


Whilst every project is different, the simple Risk-Reward premise remains the same:

1. We agree with the client a modest monthly retained fee for the period of the 
engagement, typically 3, 6 or 12-months.

2. We agreed with the client fixed targets per activity (with documented and measured KPI’s), for the period of the engagement.

3. We agree with the client Transcend’s reward for each KPI achieved. This is often as simple as a financial payment per KPI met.

No KPI’s met = No payment to Transcend.

Mentor & On-Call


The Mentor service is designed to support the needs of the Start-Up and SME communities as they search for profitable growth. The capture of early, marquee customers and/or expansion into adjacent markets.

Whereas traditional consulting companies typically seek to deliver advice-based services on a retained basis over the long-term, Transcend Consulting understands that this in not suitable for many small companies.

MENTOR enables our clients, for the first time, to have access to a myriad of specialist skills on a short to medium term basis, with no protracted, retained arrangements required.


To use a military phrase, ON-CALL provides Transcend clients with “Power-By-The-Hour” access to recognised industry leaders across numerous disciplines, including:
Information Assurance, Cyber Security, Health & Safety, National and International Regulatory and Product Testing, TEMPEST Approvals, Contract Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, Venture Capital fund-raising.

Need support at a critical technical, commercial or regulatory meeting?

Need support at a high-profile Industry event?

Responding to an RFI or RFP but lack local market knowledge?

On-Call provides direct access to commercial, technical and regulatory skills whenever needed, by telephone, video conference, email and in-person.

Project Hunter

Hunting for new business? You need Project Hunter, from Transcend.

For clients utilising Transcend’s Project Hunter service, we thoroughly research who is most likely to be attracted by your product and/or services in your target geography or vertical market..

We analyse any pain-points your ideal customer is experiencing and how can we position you as the solution to identified problems.

Thereafter, our team identifies target decision makers and locates business contact details so that we can start building your campaign.

Once we know who we’re targeting we develop a messaging strategy to ensure said decision makers become interested in working with your business.

We develop scripts that are most likely going to deliver your desired outcome. We create multiple variations for your review to ensure they aligns with how you wish to be perceived in the market. Once the templates are approved, the campaign will be launched.


  • We run your outbound prospecting.
  • We find the opportunities & decision makers you want to do business with.
  • We continually optimise your campaign for optimal performance.
  • We generate highly qualified opportunities for your business.

Book a discovery Call

Simply select a day and time thatworks for you, and we’ll schedule a Discovery Call with a member of our Executive team.

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