Project Hunter: Risk-Free Trial

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Project Hunter: Risk-Free Trial

For a limited period we are providing our clients with access to Project Hunter via our Risk-Free 12-Leads Trial.

Our fixed-price, 12-Lead, 90-day campaign combines everything you need to develop a net-new qualified pipeline of new sales opportunities with the companies you want to do business with.

Prospecting 000’s of decision makers.
On average we start 110 conversations from which we will identity 12 qualified opportunities for you to engage.

Rules of engagement

Our responsibility to you

  • Find the opportunities & decision makers you want to do business with.
  • Run your outbound prospecting.
  • Generate your business qualified opportunities.
  • Continually optimise your campaign so that we‘re constantly improving performance.

Your responsibility to us

  • You will always be the ultimate subject-matter expert as it relates to your products and services.
  • It’s your responsibility to turn opportunities we identify into new sales.
  • Identify what kind of companies, size, etc, you want to target.
  • Identify the Job title of the target decision maker (CEO, VP, CTO, CFO etc).
  • Identify the particular industries we need to focus on.
  • Identify which geographic areas we target.

Stage 1: Target identification

Unless you are providing us directly with contacts to target, our team identify target company decision makers and work contact details so that we can start building the campaign.

Stage 2: Messaging Strategy

Once we know who we’re targeting we need to develop a strategy that is going to get these decision makers interested in working with your business.


We take a deep dive into:

  • Who’s most likely to be attracted by your services.
  • Pain-points the ideal customer is experiencing and how can we position your services as the solution to such problems.
  • Why such companies should work with you.
  • What (existing) marketing collateral do you have that we can leverage.

Typically, we suggest two direct response strategies depending on the objective of your business.

Most of our clients simply want to book appointments from our activity and if this is your objective we encourage you to consider a direct approach. Here we’re serving a message straight to the decision makers designed to book introductory/investigative calls.

This strategy is better suited to companies with a unique value proposition or those who are comfortable with direct selling.

The second we suggest is a softer approach which aims to leverage value based content to develop a relationship with the prospect. Here we are still directly messaging decision makers, however we’re more so encouraging them to review specialist content. This could be for example a whitepaper, industry report, a webinar or podcast; anything that is going to help build trust with the prospect.

The soft approach is a longer-term strategy to position yourself as an expert in your market and it’s best suited to those with limited sales experience or those in highly competitive markets.

Stage 3: Developing your outreach templates and campaign launch

We will develop scripts that are most likely going to deliver your desired outcome. We create multiple variations which you will review to ensure it aligns with how you wish to be perceived in the market. Once the templates are approved, the campaign will be launched.

Our 12-Lead, 90-day campaign combines everything you need to develop a net-new qualified pipeline of new sales opportunities with the companies you want to do business with.

  • We gather the data and Prepare outreach documentation
  • Carry out your prospecting
  • Optimise the campaign throughout
  • Directly connect with client email and CRM, where appropriate, updating lead status automatically.

Your designated project manager will support your campaign throughout the 90 days with 24hr lead notifications, weekly reports and regular review calls to ensure you have a successful campaign with us.

Book a discovery Call

Simply select a day and time thatworks for you, and we’ll schedule a Discovery Call with a member of our Executive team.

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